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Promise Love
Promise Love

How to Select and Wear Promise Rings For Couples - and Why You Should

While love is a universal feeling but there are no two relationships that will be exactly the same. When it comes to showing your affection for someone special, CoupleSet jewelry for couples is a great method to show your love.

As couples jewelry is becoming more popular, it is not just limited to promise rings. Tennis bracelets made of diamonds, diamond pendants and gemstone set bracelets are also available.

Couples Rings: Their Meaning

Couple rings are worn to signify your commitment to one another and to mark the transition from dating to marriage. However their meaning differs from couple-to-couple.

If worn as jewelry for couples they are a sign that you are equals, and symbolize your love and loyalty, even if you don't want to enter a legal marriage. The promise ring is by far the most common and oldest type of couples ring.

What is a Promise Ring?

In the Middle Ages, promise rings symbolized love, much as they do today. Every couple has a distinct meaning for a promise ring. If it is exchanged or given promises rings that match his and hers, on the other hand typically signify an agreement to a exclusive partnership.

Promise rings are not engagement bands but they can serve as a placeholder band while a couple awaits their wedding day or as a keepsake when a couple is separated by distance. When worn as jewelry for couples that match, it can convey to the world that your relationship is more important than a fling. They can be a wonderful option to show your love for someone who is devoted but has no intention of getting married.

Which Finger Should a Promise Ring be worn?

Promise rings can be worn on any hand and on any finger. There is no any "correct" finger or hand for an engagement ring. Rather put it on the finger that feels most comfortable and beneficial for you. Promise rings can be positioned anywhere on the finger. They are usually worn as necklaces around the neck. The most common locati0n to wear a ring promise is on the ring-finger. It could be on either the right or left hand, based on whether or not you are married.

Choosing Diamond Promise Rings

Diamond rings are timeless and are inextricably connected with love. They make perfect promise rings for couples. Promise rings made of diamonds are typically set with diamonds in a starburst or flower pattern. Promise rings and other couple rings are more affordable than other diamond jewelry because the diamonds that are used are smaller than the ones used in engagement rings.

For many, this could mean that the more expensive fancy colored diamonds might now be an option. Utilizing colored diamonds can open up a new horizon of options in the field of jewelry for couples, ranging from the bright optimistic, sunny yellow diamonds to the subtle beauty of pink diamonds to the icy allure of blue diamonds.

You can also use a gemstone ring to add some color and fashion to your partner's hands which is a great choice if you want something different. There are many gemstone pair rings to choose from, from ruby heart rings to pink sapphire halo rings.

Couples Jewelry Alternatives to Promise Rings

You don't like rings, or you want to use jewellery for couples in a different way? Diamond tennis bracelets have become an increasingly popular option. A diamond tennis bracelet is a piece jewelry that is designed to be worn daily even by people who are active, and its unisex style makes it suitable for everyone and every couple.

Necklaces and pendants are a great option for couples jewelry. This offers a vast choice of styles, gemstones, and metals, along with an almost endless array of ways to mix two pieces of a meaningful jewelry for couples.


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