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Metro 2033 Trainer Mrantifun

Metro 2033 Trainer Mrantifun

Metro 2033 is a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter video game based on the novel of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky. The game is set in the year 2033, two decades after a nuclear war has devastated the world and forced the survivors to live in the underground metro stations of Moscow. The player controls Artyom, a young man who must fight against the mutants, bandits, and fascists that inhabit the metro, as well as a mysterious threat known as the Dark Ones.

Some players may find the game too challenging or want to experience it in a different way. For them, there are trainers available that can modify the game's behavior and give the player various advantages. One of the most popular trainers for Metro 2033 is made by Mrantifun, a well-known creator of PC video game trainers, cheats, and mods.

Download File:

What is a trainer?

A trainer is a software program that runs in the background while the game is running and allows the player to activate certain cheats or features by pressing specific keys. Trainers can alter various aspects of the game, such as health, ammo, money, skills, abilities, etc. Trainers are usually made for single-player games and are not intended to be used in multiplayer or online modes, as they may cause problems or be detected as cheating by anti-cheat systems.

What does Mrantifun's trainer do?

Mrantifun's trainer for Metro 2033 offers six features that can be activated by pressing the corresponding keys on the keyboard. These features are:

  • Inf.Health: This feature gives the player infinite health, making them immune to damage from enemies, traps, or environmental hazards.

  • Inf.Ammo: This feature gives the player infinite ammo for all weapons, eliminating the need to reload or scavenge for bullets.

  • No Reload: This feature removes the reloading animation for all weapons, allowing the player to fire continuously without interruption.

  • Inf.Flashlight: This feature gives the player infinite battery power for their flashlight, which is useful for exploring dark areas or blinding enemies.

  • Inf.Gas Mask: This feature gives the player infinite filter time for their gas mask, which is required for breathing in toxic or radioactive areas.

  • Better Accuracy: This feature improves the accuracy of all weapons, reducing the spread and recoil of bullets.

How to use Mrantifun's trainer?

To use Mrantifun's trainer for Metro 2033, follow these steps:

  • Download the trainer from [Mrantifun's website] or [MegaGames].

  • Extract the trainer from the zip file and run it as administrator.

  • Run the game and load your save file or start a new game.

  • Press F1 at any time to activate the trainer. You should hear a sound confirming that the trainer is working.

  • Press the keys shown on the trainer's interface to activate or deactivate the features you want. You should hear a sound each time you toggle a feature on or off.

  • Enjoy the game with your new abilities!

Is Mrantifun's trainer safe?

Mrantifun's trainer for Metro 2033 is safe to use as long as you follow some precautions:

  • Use the trainer only in single-player mode and offline. Do not use it in multiplayer or online modes, as it may cause problems or be detected as cheating by anti-cheat systems.

  • Disable your antivirus or add an exception for the trainer before running it. Some antivirus solutions may detect the trainer as a virus or malware because it is packed and/or encrypted. You can check the trainer's status on []( to see that it is clean and harmless.

  • Create a backup of your save files before using the trainer. The trainer may cause glitches or crashes in some cases, so it is advisable to have a backup in case something goes wrong.

  • Use the trainer at your own risk. The trainer is provided as is and Mrantifun is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by using it.


Metro 2033 is a thrilling and immersive game that takes the player to a dark and dangerous world. Mrantifun's trainer for Metro 2033 is a useful tool that can enhance the game experience by giving the player more options and freedom. However, the trainer should be used with caution and respect, as it may affect the game's balance and difficulty. The trainer is not a cheat, but a mod that can make the game more fun and enjoyable for some players.


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